Announcing general availability of Structured Snippets

Starting today, we are making Structured Snippets available to all our US customers. Structured Snippets allow you to specify 3 to 10 snippet values which can be paired with a header to provide more information about your business in your ad.  We’ll also be rolling out Structured Snippets to international markets throughout September.     In the example Structured Snippet extension below, Services is the header, and Installation, Repairs, and Sales are examples of individual snippet values.

Services: Installation, Repairs, Sales

Structured Snippets can be associated with one or more campaigns and ad groups and each campaign or ad group can be associated with 1 to 20 structured snippet ad extensions. A text ad will include only one structured snippet per impression.

Campaign Management API

A new entity StructuredSnippetAdExtension with Header and Values elements was added to the Campaign Management API. You can use it with the existing ad extensions service operations, for example AddAdExtensions, GetAdExtensionsByIds and SetAdExtensionsAssociations.

Bulk API

Three separate Bulk records were added for managing structured snippets - Structured Snippet Ad Extension, Ad Group Structured Snippet Ad Extension, and Campaign Structured Snippet Ad Extension. You can download these records by specifying the respective StructuredSnippetsAdGroupStructuredSnippets, and CampaignStructuredSnippets BulkDownloadEntity values.

Reporting API

You can use the existing reports, for example AdExtensionByAdReportRequest to download ad extensions data.

Getting Started

The Bing Ads SDKs were recently updated to support structured snippet extensions. For code examples please see GitHub (.NET | Java | Python). You can get started by testing in sandbox, and as always if you have any questions please feel free to contact support or post something in the Bing Ads API developer forum. Happy onboarding!