Bing Ads Client Link API For Multiple Account Management Has Released!

With the Bing Ads April release we have released the Client Link API operations that allows linking multiple client accounts for management. This set of API operations will empower those who want to manage multiple accounts across different client customers to do so with a single sign in. The Client Link feature will allow:

When it comes to billing this feature opens a variety of options that can be set in the ClientLink Data Object. Whether you want to be invoiced as a managing customer for the activity against your client’s account or if your clients prefer to be billed directly against their credit cards even when you manage their campaigns; it is all possible and it can be changed at any time. The system will go through a billing process to ensure that all activity against the account is settled before changing who is responsible for billing. Once that process completes, you can send a new link request with a different billing setup.

The release of the Client Link service as part of v9 will allow all of the above scenarios through these new operations:

  • AddClientLink
    • Takes a ClientLink object that will contain the details of a managing request for an account. The request will be sent to the client for approval
    • The party responsible for billing is set within this object.
  • SearchClientLinks
    • Allows a managing customer or a client to retrieve Client Link objects in order to check their status.
  • UpdateClientLink
    • Allows a managing customer to request for an account to be unlinked.


Please feel free to ask any questions or provide comments in the comments section below.

Thank you,

Juan Carlos Ousset

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform