Changes to targeting mobile devices coming to Bing Ads in March 2015

Last month, we rolled out Tablet related device targeting changes. This change consolidated PC and Tablet targeting across campaigns, while advertisers maintain the flexibility of having bid modifier for Tablet. Phase 1 of our unified device targeting is now complete. As promised, today we will detail the Phase 2, and describe its impact on campaigns that target mobile devices. 

What is changing in Device Targeting?

Device targeting across campaigns will be unified by eliminating explicit mobile device targeting. Advertisers will be able leverage bid modifiers on Mobile. We will continue having the bid modifier on Tablet as well. Once this change is rolled out, there should be complete compatibility between how ad campaigns are managed in Google AdWords and in Bing Ads.

Currently, the following device targeting options are available in Bing Ads:

Figure 1: Current Device Targeting Options


As mentioned earlier, for compatibility with ad campaigns management in Google AdWords, we will be updating the device targeting options available in Bing Ads in March 2015 as illustrated below: 

Figure 2: Upcoming Device Targeting Options (March2015)


These changes are expected to be completed in March 2015.

Introducing App Extensions

Along with this simplification of device targeting we will also be introducing a new ad extension that will make it easy for users to discover and install your mobile app. According to a report from ComScore, time spent on mobile apps now exceeds
desktop web access. App extensions will enable you to promote your app for download on Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. These extensions will automatically be targeted to a specific user’s OS and device combination.
Searchers will be able to discover, download and experience your offerings directly through your mobile app, thus deepening your engagement with them.  

Below are the screenshots of what app extensions will look like on various mobile platforms when they launch along with the device targeting changes next year.


Figure 3: App Extensions on mobile devices

How to Prepare for These Changes?

The best way to prepare for this change is to modify all your campaigns to target all devices and to specify your preferred bid adjustment for mobile and tablet traffic. 

Starting in March of 2015, campaigns that do not target mobile devices should still be prepared to receive mobile traffic, as all campaigns in Bing Ads will be transitioned at that time to support all devices. Similarly, if you have campaigns that target
only mobile devices, you should be prepared to start receiving traffic from visitors on PC and Tablet in March of 2015 if no change is made. In the API, when specifying the array of devices to target in the DeviceOSTarget object, whenever
you specify a DeviceOSTargetBid with any device(s), system will target all the devices. Optionally, you can specify the bid adjustments you’d like to make for tablets or Smartphones. Here’s a table to illustrate all the conditions.


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