Create, update and delete remarketing lists with the API!

Following our release earlier this year for managing remarketing list associations at the ad group level using the API, we’re now offering the ability to create and modify remarketing lists. With this update, you can use the Bing Ads API to create new remarketing lists and update or delete existing lists.

Campaign Management API

The following new service operations are included in this update:

A maximum of 100 lists can be processed per call by the operations listed above.

Additionally, a new Rule element is available in the RemarketingList object. It allows you to specify one of four types of rules, which govern how audiences may be determined: CustomEventsRule, PageVisitorsRule, PageVisitorsWhoDidNotVisitAnotherPageRule, and PageVisitorsWhoVisitedAnotherPageRule.

Bulk API

Support for uploads has been added to the Remarketing List record type. Additionally, a new Template field has been added to the record type to allow specification of the rule for audience determination. More details can be found in our December release notes.

SDK support for the Bulk API changes is not available at this time.