Daily Budget Option Changes Rolling Out to ALL Daily Budget Campaigns on June 1st

We’ve heard your requests to make our budget options simpler. On May 12, we implemented the Daily Budget change for new and edited daily budget campaigns. You might have seen our earlier blog posts on this change. To give you time to plan, we waited to implement the change for all daily budget campaigns. Now it’s time!

On June 1, in response to advertiser feedback , we’ll be implementing the Daily Budget change for all daily budget campaigns. Now, the monthly maximum amounts for all of your new and existing daily budget campaigns will be automatically calculated by the adCenter system. This change will help make it even easier for you to plan and manage your daily campaign budgets.

Impacted Versions


V6 and V7

  • Go into the Campaign Management API
  • Within the Campaign object, as you have in the past:
    • Set an enumeric value for both "DailyBudget" and "MonthlyBudget" for DailyBudgetWithMaximumMonthlySpend
    • Note: the "MonthlyBudget" enumeric value provided should be "DailyBudget" multiplied by the average number of days in a month.
  • The change is that Microsoft will calculate a system-generated monthly maximum. It will be based on your Daily Budget value multiplied by the average number of days in a month.
  • There is no change in signature

Earlier in May, this change was rolled out only to new and edited daily budgeted campaigns. Starting June 1, this change will impact all Daily Budget campaigns.

Evaluate your daily budget amount

If you haven’t already, please evaluate your daily budget amount to ensure that it reflects the total amount you target to spend in the month.

If you prefer to manage your campaign budgets on a monthly level you can always do that by choosing the Monthly Budget Options.

Read our earlier post for more details API Budget Options Improvements