Final Notice: Microsoft Advertising API Version 6 Sunsets Today, Upgrade to Version 7 or 8 Now

As you’ve seen in previous posts here on the API Blog, Microsoft Advertising adCenter API Version 6 will sunset as of today, September 30th. After today, Microsoft will end support of Version 6 in the Sandbox and Production environments. If you are still using adCenter API Version 6, your ads and campaigns will continue to run, but you will no longer be able to manage your campaigns using the Version 6 services.

If you haven’t already upgraded to a newer version, you have two options:

1.) Upgrade directly to adCenter API Version 8
Microsoft adCenter API Version 8 is the latest version upgrade to the adCenter API system and offers several new features and functionalities to help you manage your campaigns. To learn more about adCenter API Version 8, review the release notes on MSDN.
Note: Version 8 is currently only available in the Production environment.

2.) Upgrade to adCenter API Version 7
You can learn more about Microsoft adCenter API Version 7 by reviewing the release notes on MSDN. There you’ll find additional details on the features in Version 7. Version 7 is available in both the Production and Sandbox environments.

For additional resources...

• Visit the adCenter API developer portal for the latest updates, recordings of past webcasts and notice of upcoming ones.
• Stay up to date on the latest news from adCenter and the adCenter API with the blog posts in the adCenter API Community. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed.

If you have already upgraded and are no longer using adCenter API Version 6, no further action is needed at this time. If you have any questions, stop by the API forum.


Tina Kelleher, SMB Community Manager