Microsoft Advertising adCenter API is Now the Sole API for Advertising on Microsoft and Yahoo!

If you haven’t already seen David Pann’s announcement on the adCenter blog, we’ve completed the process of moving search ad serving for Yahoo! to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter platform. With this milestone achieved, your transition from Yahoo! Search Marketing to the adCenter platform is also complete. US advertisers now have access to 163 million unique searchers and 33.8% of U.S. search queries, while Canadians can access 15 million unique searchers making 311 million monthly searches in Canada1  on Yahoo! Search, Bing and partner sites, all with the convenience of one platform.

Microsoft Advertising adCenter API is now the sole API available for advertising on Microsoft and Yahoo!. If you were using Yahoo! Search Marketing EWS API platform, you should have received an email offering you access to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter API. Please note, Yahoo! Search Marketing EWS API platform is now in read-only state for all U.S. and Canada accounts and will be accessible for the next six months, so that you may view historical data from the past 13 months.  

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Going forward, adCenter is the only platform you need to manage your client accounts on Yahoo! Search and Bing.
  • Please make sure your adCenter budget is enough to cover their estimated clicks from both search engines.
  • Monitor your results frequently and be prepared to make adjustments to maintain ROI, as there may be some initial variability as Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers integrate into adCenter.

Microsoft provides a number of resources that you can turn to during the transition and beyond.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post it in the API forum.


1. comScore qSearch (custom), August 2010.