Mobile ads support in the adCenter API for beta program and future use


With an API update being released today, you may notice support for ads to be displayed on mobile devices. You may have already noticed mention of this in the MSDN documentation for the adCenter API. And you may have heard about the mobile ads beta in recent media coverage or on the adCenter blog and Web site.

The MobileAd class has been added to the API and the "Mobile" value has been added to the AdType enumeration. However, this feature is reserved for future use -- at this time, it is available only to participants of the mobile ads beta program.

Currently, there are a small number of invitation-only API users participating in the mobile ads beta. The timing for expanding the mobile ads program is still to be determined. For now, if you are interested please contact your account representative or fill out the interest form for future consideration at

These text-based mobile ads display on and allow searchers to click on the ad?s landing page, or click-to-call the business directly from their mobile device. To learn more about mobile advertising opportunities from Microsoft, view the Mobile Advertising page.