.NET Framework Versions With adCenter API Version 5


Posted: March 05


The adCenter API topic, Getting Started with the Microsoft adCenter API, describes how to use version 5 of the adCenter API with Visual Studio 2005. It has become apparent, however, that this topic is causing some confusion about the versions of the .NET Framework that can or must be used.

.NET Framework 3.0 is an addendum to .NET Framework 2.0 which adds, among other items, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) components. .NET Framework 3.0 does not replace .NET Framework 2.0. The WCF assemblies are required to use adCenter API V5 with the .NET languages. .NET Framework 3.0 also adds the System.ServiceModel namespace, which contains the FaultException class. It is not required to use the FaultException class, but you will not be able to take advantage of the new error reporting functionality in adCenter API V5 if you don't. You will still use .NET Framework 2.0 for the majority of your application.

I will update the topic, but the update will not be published to MSDN until the next scheduled update.

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Strohm Armstrong
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