Release announcement: adCenter API Version 6, now available in Production

The version 6 release announcement for adCenter API users is being sent to your e-mail today:


We recently released the new Microsoft adCenter API Version 6 to the API Production environment. The newest features from the adCenter Spring 2009 Upgrade and several key API improvements are now available to you. API Version 6 will replace API Version 5.1 in the coming months. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the new features and plan to upgrade your WSDLs to Version 6 to avoid service interruptions later this year. We will continue to support Version 5.1 for up to six months, and we will provide more information about its sunset in the coming weeks.

Learn about the new adCenter features
You can now target customers more effectively, manage bids more easily, and run reports more efficiently via the adCenter API. Familiarize yourself with complete feature details in the Microsoft adCenter API Version 6 Release Notes and What's New in the SDK for Microsoft adCenter API on MSDN. API Version 6 includes the following new features:

  • Target by city and state: The city and state targeting options previously available only in the adCenter web interface are now available in the API.
  • Target at the campaign level: Set targeting by geographical location, age group and gender, day of week, and time of day; set incremental bids at the campaign level; and refine your targeting settings at the ad group level.
  • Bid at the ad group level: Now you can set default keyword bids at the ad group level.
  • Run reports more efficiently: Use a single API call to run reports for multiple customers and accounts. Also, you can use entity IDs as columns in reports; for example, the campaign ID is available as a column in the ad group performance report.

Attend upcoming Live Meeting sessions
Join us for our API Version 6 Live Meeting Series as the Microsoft adCenter API Team discusses the latest release and answers your questions about the new features.

Version 6 Web Services URLs
The following are the Version 6 Web Services URLS for the Production environment. Sandbox+ environment will update soon. Watch for an e-mail update with Sandbox+ environment Web Services URLs.

For the Production environment:

View the changes in the adCenter UI
As part of our Spring Upgrade, we've also made some significant changes to the adCenter web interface. To learn about all the updates, visit our What's New in adCenter webpage.