Remarketing List Associations for Ad Groups now available in the Bing Ads API

As you may have already heard, Remarketing in Paid Search lets you improve your return on investment by optimizing your campaigns for specific audiences, which are the people who have visited your website before. Today we are excited to announce Campaign Management and Bulk APIs that you can use to associate remarketing lists with ad groups in your search advertising campaigns. The Bing Ads API does not support the creation of new remarketing lists at this time.


After you have set up Universal Event Tracking (UET) and created a remarketing list in the Bing Ads web application, you can use the new APIs below to manage remarketing list associations and optimize bids per association. For more information about Remarketing in Paid Search, see Reach your audience.


With the Bulk service you can use the following new record types to download remarketing lists and associate them with an ad group:


The new Remarketing Targeting Setting field is also added to the existing Ad Group record.


Otherwise if you are using the Campaign Management service you can perform the following operations: