Reporting, Ad Intelligence and Optimizer version 8 APIs now available in sandbox

As promised earlier we have shipped rest of the Bing Ads services on sandbox. The following services will be available in sandbox starting today!

1. Reporting Service: The Reporting service defines programming elements that one can use to request and download reports. These reports provide statistics to track finances, measure ad performance, effectiveness of targeting and many more which can later be used to adjust settings to optimize your budget, campaign or targeting.

As these reports are based on real ads and keywords utilizing your budget, it has always been hard to code for new column in the existing reports or a new type of report all together. So to address this problem, we have setup an infrastructure in sandbox to fabricate statistical data which can be used to test the file parser built for new columns or reports without having to spend your real money.

2. Ad Intelligence Service: The Ad Intelligence service defines API elements that you can use to determine the historical performance of keywords, get the estimated bid and position for a keyword, and to get suggested keywords from an existing keyword or from the content at a specified URL. But one has to setup the whole account before experimenting with these APIs.

In Sandbox, we support limited set of keywords to provide prefabricated estimates and suggestions. So that developers can start coding immediately in sandbox while the account managers work on setting up the whole account in production.

3. Optimizer Service: The Optimizer service defines programming elements that you use to discover opportunities for improving the performance of your campaigns. Similar to Ad Intelligence service, one has to setup the whole account before experimenting with these APIs.

In Sandbox, we provide prefabricated opportunities for up to 1,000 keywords across all accounts for a customer. So that developers can code against optimizer service without having to take a campaign to production.

One of our important goal is to improve developer productivity and we believe availability of all the Bing Ads services in sandbox is one of the major steps towards that goal.

For more details, please refer to the Sandbox page on MSDN.

The web service addresses to access the operations can be found here.