The July 2012 adCenter Release for API Users

If you haven’t already checked out the July 2012 adCenter Release post over on the adCenter Blog, that’s where you’ll find all the details related to this month’s update.  To ensure you, Dear API User, are aware of how these changes affect you, here’s some API-specific info for the updates and features that affect how you manage your campaigns.

Limit of As per Ad Group Increased to 50

The only aspect of this change that’s applicable to API users is that sending more than 20 ads per ad group will no longer generate an error in the API call, you’ll only run into that error if you send more than 50.

Domain Site Exclusions Limit Increased

The API will now allow for up to 2,000 site exclusions per ad group.  Note, however, when retrieving site exclusions via the API, the service operation GetNegativeSitesByCampaignIds will be limited to returning a total of 30,000 negative sites. If you have many site URLs, we recommend retrieving site exclusions 15 campaigns/ad groups per call or GetNegativeSitesByAdGroupIds.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?  Leave a comment below, or stop by the API forum.