Update on Sunset of Content Network

In May 2017, we announced the sunset of the content network and content ads which included the details of the changes to the ad distribution settings for your ad groups. As of June 30th, we no longer serve ads in the content network. While the Content Network and Content ads were deprecated, customers still have content ad groups with content bid settings and content keywords in their accounts.

After November 30th:

  1. New errors will be returned for the following Campaign Management and Bulk service operations:
    • If you try to add or update a keyword match type to content the CampaignServiceInvalidMatchTypes error will be returned.
    • If you try to add or update content bid in ad group settings the CampaignServiceCannotSetContentBidOnAdGroup error will be returned.
  2. We will begin to migrate search + content ad groups to search network. We will delete all content ad groups. If you wish to re-use these content ad groups, please update them to search before Nov 30th.
  3. To increase efficiency and organization within our system, keyword of content match type will also be deleted. Please update them to another match-type if you would like to use them in the search network. This will also ensure that you only have entities that contribute to your campaign’s performance.

As mentioned, the sunset of Content Ads is a part of Bing Ads continued effort to bring the highest quality of traffic for all Bing Ads customers.