URL by Match Type API Code Ready Date of July 1 is Fast Approaching

As previously announced, URL by Match Type is new adCenter functionality that provides the ability to assign unique destination URLs at the keyword level for each bidded match type. This new behavior is considered a code-breaking change for API customers.

adCenter API users who have their customer level market setting set to the U.S. must prepare their account by July 1 to ensure the continued ability to manage campaigns with adCenter API. You can determine your customer level market setting from the v7 Customer data object or the v8 Customer data object.

For more details on how to make updates to the adCenter API code, please review our MSDN documentation and our recent blog post Mandatory Code Changes Required by adCenter API Users in Preparation for URL by Match Type Updates.

After July 1, we plan to expand the ramp of additional customers to this feature. Any advertiser, agency, reseller or tool provider who has not updated their code may not be able to manage adCenter campaigns.

As of June 1, URL by Match Type is available to all adCenter API users with a customer level market setting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Release of this feature in other markets, including UK, France, Canada, India and Singapore, will be next to follow and we will keep you informed on release dates.