Using adCenter API Version 5 with Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

During the adCenter API Live Meeting this week, one of the participants asked Program Manager Shamit Patel if we have published any documentation explaining how to use adCenter API V5 with .NET 2.0.

The short answer is that you must use .NET Framework 3.0 for your .NET applications when using adCenter API version 5. Here is why:

  • The client proxies that get generated for the WCF services use the IExtensibleDataObject interface, which is only available in .NET 3.0.
  • To use adCenter API V5 with a .NET language, you have to use two assemblies that are only available in .NET 3.0 and later, System.Runtime.Serialization and System.ServiceModel.

However, many people don't realize that .NET 3.0 is an addition to the framework, not a complete replacement. You will still use .NET Framework 2.0 for the majority of your application. .NET 3.0 does not, in fact, include any of the legacy assemblies (e.g. System.Xml), so you actually use .NET 2.0 for most everything else in your application.

The end result is that the documentation and code samples provided on MSDN and the blog will help you with using .NET 2.0, but you must add .NET 3.0 and the required references to System.Runtime.Serialization.dll and System.ServiceModel.dll.

Thanks You,

Strohm Armstrong
Programming Writer
adCenter API