Version 9 of the Customer and Billing API is Now Generally Available

After a month of being available in our sandbox environment, version 9 of the Bing Ads Customer and Billing API is now generally available. In this version we’ve introduced new functionality and improvements to existing features across the Bing Ads Customer Management and Customer Billing web services including

  • Support for managing user authentication with OAuth. Users who have linked their Bing Ads accounts with a Microsoft Account may now authenticate for Bing Ads API services with it instead of providing the Bing Ads username and password in the request header.
  • Introduction of new properties to the existing Account object to support features that have been released in the past several months or that will be released soon. These features/fields include:
    • Back-up payment instrument
    • Customer specified billing threshold
    • Tax identification and tax type for taxable billable accounts
  • Addition of a forward compatibility map on Customer and Account objects to enable the introduction of new properties without causing problems for applications that use generate strongly typed classes from the WSDLs.
  • Alignment of the DNS endpoint to the Bing Ads brand by renaming it from “” to “” .
  • Removal of the User object as part of sign-up requests to support the move to Microsoft account. (In version 8, the User object is now optional for sign up requests.)
  • Introduction of a flag as part of the User object for tools to determine if a user has linked to Microsoft account or not.
  • Ability to fetch all billing documents such as prepay receipts, and not only invoices. Invoice programming elements are renamed BillingDocument.
  • Removal of the notification service due to low usage.

With the release of v9 of the Customer Management and Customer Billing Bing Ads API, the v8 API is now deprecated and will sunset on June 1st 2014. We highly recommend that developers start now in reviewing the migration guide from v8 to v9 so that the changes are understood and plans can be made to transition to the new version of the API well ahead of the sunset deadline. 

We also encourage developers to start managing user authentication with OAuth by following this guide.

Juan Carlos Ousset

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform