You Asked for It: Microsoft Advertising adCenter API Access for All!

Until recently, access to the Microsoft Advertising adCenter Application Programming Interface (API) has been restricted to a small set of invitation-only pilot customers that met stringent criteria.

Now, advertisers of all shapes and sizes can request API access.

If you’re not familiar with managing PPC campaigns via an API, the adCenter API would enable you to programmatically access Microsoft adCenter to manage your accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. By building your own custom application that can “talk” to adCenter, you can efficiently manage large volumes of account and campaign transactions as bulk operations. The adCenter API can help you improve your return on investment by making campaign management easier, more efficient, and potentially less expensive.

More specifically, the adCenter API can help you:

• Create and manage campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads for large numbers of accounts.

• Retrieve adCenter business intelligence data for one or many accounts.

• Manage campaigns by revising budgets, targeting ad groups, updating bids, pausing ads, etc.

• Remove existing campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads.

API users can develop an application to access the API by sending commands through SOAP-based web services that can be developed in languages that support web service calls, such as Java, Perl, PHP, Python, or .NET.

Using the API is a great way to streamline your adCenter advertising efforts with no extra cost. Advertisers using the API pay only for clicks incurred from their ads, which are billed the same as their ads managed through adCenter online.

Learn More

To learn more about the adCenter API, please participate in the adCenter API Community or view the adCenter API documentation on MSDN.