Timer Job Status Page

The Timer Job Status Page pulls data from SharePoint Config database TimerRunningJobs Table.

This Table contains all the Job Titles.


"proc_StartTimerRunningJob" is the stored procedure responsible for creating the Job Titles inside the TimerRunningJobs Table.

"proc_DeleteAllTimerLocksAndRunningJobs" is the stored procedure responsible for deleting all the Job Titles from the TimerRunningJobs Table.

Sometimes I have noticed that "Shared Services Timer Job" is not displayed for one of the servers in the SharePoint farm inside Timer Job Status Page.

Below are the different steps which may help in resolving the above issue:

1. Disable and Enable the Shared Services Timer Job from the Timer Job Definition Page.

2. Disconnect and reconnect the problematic Server from the SharePoint farm.

If the above steps does not resolves the issue then :

3. Create a new SSP.