No suspended service instances / errors while working with WCF based Receive Locations


While more often than not , we always look for ensuring that no error comes up while running our scenarios but sometimes and as what happened in this particular instance ,in spite of inducing an erroneous condition to get my ESB Exception Send ports working I was not able to produce the error and soon I realized why.

I'll not get into what my scenario was since the reason behind writing this post has more to do with the this particular configuration setting in BizTalk WCF receive lcoations than anything else.

Whenever we publish our Schema's or Orchestrations WCF service , we always have a choice of creating a Receive Location with a particular type - WCF-basicHttp , WCF - Custom , WCF-WSHttp and so on.


As we see in this snap shot ,

We have got a property " Suspend Request Message on failure " - As the name implies , for whatever reason if the Request message is found to be erroneous by BizTalk , we have been given a option whether we would like that message to be suspended ( and available for subscribing to...) or not.

In a similar manner , if you want to have a control on whether the error details should be visible inside the failed Service instance , you have  a property available for that too - " Include exception details in Faults "


So just go ahead and enable this property and you will have your errors visible and available for subscription in  the form of suspended service instances.