Finalists in Europe’s leading innovation competition: SAG and collaboration partner Leapin/Digital Keys launch ‘Hotel web check-in‘ at CeBIT 2015

Together with its Australian partner Leapin/Digital Keys, SAG will be participating in the final round of the CODE_N innovation competition as part of the CeBIT 2015 from 16/03 to 20/03/2015 in Hall 16, Stand D30 in Hanover.

Online-Check-In-solution in the “Hall of Innovation“

Using the theme "Into the Internet of Things", the competition includes the areas of Digital Life, Future Mobility, Smart City and Industry 4.0. Out of 400 participants, 50 finalists were chosen based on criteria such as the degree of innovation, how convincing the business model is or the quality of presentation. Hall 16 will turn into a unique "Hall of Innovation", in which SAG and LEAPIN/Digital Keys will be presenting their joint mobile access solution to trade visitors and the expert jury. On Wednesday, 18/03/2015, at the end of the exhibition day, the winners will be awarded with the prize money of €30.000.

SAG and LEAPIN will present their new function "Online-Check-In" - a web-based application which allows hotel guests to complete their booking/reservation autonomously online, and subsequently gain access to their room by using only their smartphone. "Together with LEAPIN/Digital Keys we have managed to further refine our successful locking system SAFE-O-TRONIC access in order to offer customers in the hotel sector a unique locking system, which meets the requirements of the mobile user", concludes Joaquin Borge Sanchez, head of business unit locking systems.


“Into the Internet of Things” with CODE_n

CODE_n is an international platform for digital pioneers, innovators and groundbreaking start-ups. Initiated in 2011 by the GHT Group, the objective is to promote exceptional talent and their extraordinary business ideas, to help them establish contact with recognised companies and to encourage innovations in this highly energetic field. CODE_n stands for »Code of the New«, the DNA of innovation. In 2015, CODE_n will be presenting the CODE_n award for the fourth time, this time using the theme "Into the Internet of Things".


For further information:    Code_n newsroom 


About Schulte-Schlagbaum AG:

The Schulte-Schlagbaum Group concentrates its production and service activities on highly developed components, systems and solutions for the locking and organisation of buildings. Our company operates globally and is active in three business areas:

- Lock and striking plate systems

- Locking systems for doors and furniture and

- Guest management systems


About LEAPIN / Digital Keys:

LEAPIN Pty Ltd is a mobile applications and security services company founded on the concept of bringing today’s wireless, mobile and internet technologies to the access control market. By uniquely combining existing technologies, LEAPIN has developed and patented a 'keyfree and carefree' entry system that can be easily integrated into any electronic lock, access control system, and Computer Reservation/booking System to replace metal keys, keycards, and keyfobs. Users can open LEAPIN compatible locks for one time, extended or permanent basis with their mobile phones.