Helpful Tips for Your Office Start-up Design

Guest post by Jane Hurst, &

When you are creating a new start-up, there are many things that you will need to consider. Many people tend to think about all of the little things that they need for their start-up, but often they tend to neglect the overall design of the office. If you are considering your own start-up, you need to be as meticulous about the office design as you do with every other detail. Let’s take a look at the things that you should be considering while designing your office.


  1. Use Open Floor Plans

Just a few short years ago, people were confined to working in small cubicles. Not only was this claustrophobic, it also didn’t foster a social and collaborative environment for employees. Today, more and more start-ups are adopting open floor plans, so there are no walls separating employees. They can talk while they work, which is going to foster better relationships between employees, and encourage them to do more collaborating, because they have more accessibility to each other.

  1. Choose a Flexible Layout

When you are planning an office layout, it should be flexible, so that it can grow as your business grow. There should be separate meeting rooms (which could be turned into offices later on if necessary), and some rooms where people can work or collaborate with no distractions. The layout should be flexible enough that you are able to redo things once in a while when changes are necessary. Make sure that there is plenty of space to add extra work stations as your company grows.

  1. Provide Social Opportunities

Employees can have fun and collaborate when they are given the right social opportunities. Give them an area where they can play games, have a bite to eat, etc. Set up a couple of pool tables and other game tables where they can interact. Not only is this going to foster a friendlier work environment, it is also good for team-building, helps to foster creative thinking, and it gives them a chance to take breaks when they need them. Don’t limit breaks to lunch hours. Studies show that frequent breaks encourages better productivity.

  1. Use Versatile Furniture

Office furniture can be expensive, so it is a good idea to invest in furniture that is versatile. You are likely going to need a fair amount of furniture, depending on the size of your start-up and the number of employees. Look for pieces that can expand (such as standing desks), that can be used for multiple purposes, etc. This is going to help you to save money in the long run, which you can use in other areas of your business.

  1. Set Up a Creative Corner

No matter how much someone loves their job, it is bound to become tedious once in a while, especially when they do it for several hours each day, and it can have an effect on one’s overall health. To combat this problem, try setting up creative corners, where employees can relax and enjoy themselves. Put in a few yoga mats, some adult colouring books, and other items that they can just have fun with and relax. This will help to rejuvenate them and increase productivity.

  1. Go With a Hip Décor

No one wants to work in an office that is bland and boring. This is not going to help to get anyone’s creative juices flowing. When designing the colour scheme of your office, look for colours that are going to make your employees feel more energetic. Brighter colours, such as primary colours (red, yellow, and blue) can be the colours for the walls, and then look for furniture and décor that has the same bright, cheerful look.


Now that you’ve been given further considerations for when you’re creating a start-up, you should be able to better plan for improving both your office workspace and your employee productivity. If you’ve got any further thoughts on how to improve the office space, why not share them in the comments below?