Invitation: How SaaS Changes an ISV's Business Model




You probably already heard that the future of IT is in the Cloud, but what does this mean for your software business?

For an established ISV, the rise of SaaS brings both technical and business changes. Whatever your CTO might say, the truth is that the business changes are harder. If you haven’t yet embraced SaaS, or if you’re just getting started, this presentation will help you understand SaaS business models and how they’re different from what you do now. The goal is to give you a roadmap for the changes you’ll have to make, increasing your chances of success.

Join a group of IT leaders to explore these changes. Led by cloud computing thought leader David Chappell, Principal of Chappell & Associates in San Francisco, California, this session will provide an independent perspective on the topic. Experience a blend of strategic perspectives based on customer-evaluated, cloud-based scenarios in Windows Azure, Microsoft’s industry leading Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS).


  1. Cloud considerations: strategies and opportunities
  2. Windows Azure Technical Overview: Showcasing the Microsoft cloud advantage
  3. Real life instances and scenarios in Windows Azure adoption
  4. Sneak peek into how cloud adoption is opening up new opportunities for the enterprise and ISV’s


Thursday, October 18


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Who is attending?

CEO’s, CIO’s, CTO’s, IT Leaders

Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

176 Cumberland Street

The Rocks, Sydney



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