//LEARN/ Sessions for 24th April

It's not too late to register for the //learn/ Windows Phone event. If you haven’t heard about this event it’s an online webcast series hosted by Microsoft and delivered by MVPs in a number of different languages (hopefully one that suits you!). Over 6 hours you’ll learn about a lot of the key new features of Windows Phone 8.1 and how you can build awesome Universal applications for the Windows platform.

Here's a quick view of the schedule:

Start AEST Duration Session Presenter
11:00 AM 50mins Introduction to Windows Phone 8.1 Michael Samarin
12:00 PM 50mins Getting Started Building Windows XAML Apps William Wegerson
1:00 PM 25mins Page navigation and Data Binding Kelly White
1:30 PM 25mins Page Layout Controls & Transition Animations Nico Vermeir
2:30 PM 25mins Adapting UI for Different Screens Lwin Maung
3:00 PM 25mins Windows Runtime XAML App Lifecycle Andrei Marukovich
3:30 PM 25mins Localization, Globalization in Windows XAML Apps SENTHIL KUMAR
4:00 PM 50mins Tiles, badges and toasts and Action Centre Rob Keiser
5:30 PM 25mins Background Tasks Andrej Radinger

There are more details here - http://nicksnettravels.builttoroam.com/post/2014/04/23/LEARN-Sessions-for-Tomorrow.aspx