Meet the new startup connecting you with skilled co-founders...Crowdsurfa!

Guest blog post by Vache - founder of Crowdsurfa

What is this new online platform, Crowdsurfa?

In a nutshell Crowdsurfa is an online platform connecting start-ups with skilled co-founders, by simply offering equity to the chosen co-founder. 

Let's take it back a step - we've all been there, either starting our next big idea, building it from the ground up. Or having built your new start-up and feel like you need some help to take it to the next level. What's the missing piece? A Co-founder and not just anyone (this is your baby after all), you need someone with specific skills to  compliment yours and your business and someone who's just as invested and passionate as you.... In comes Crowdsurfa. Simply list your project, provide details of the specific co-founder you're after and detail how much equity they will be entitled to. We like to call it online dating for start-ups. 

What is a skilled co-founder? 

Essentially someone who possesses talent and knowledge in areas such as; Tech, Marketing, Design, General Management, Finance (this list is just scratching the surface) that compliment and help start or grow your start-up.

Who is the founder and passionate entrepreneur growing this idea?

Crowdsurfa founder Vache Aknian started the site after trying to launch many ideas but constantly feeling like he was missing a vital piece... the right co-founder who was just as dedicated and passionate as he was. Then the idea blossomed "why not crowdsource your co-founder", not only will startups love it but their are so many cofounders out there that don't know these opportunities exist.

Crowdsurfa is currently in BETA version (free to use) and urging all startups and co-founders to sign-up, use (have fun with the site) and provide feedback.


How it works: