QLD Government startup initiative for not for profits

Source: http://www.qld.gov.au/dsitia/initiatives/startup-qld/


Startup Queensland

Startup Queensland funding will help build capability within the Queensland startup community, by delivering practical information, advice and networking opportunities, collaboration, connectivity, and transformational entrepreneurship.

You can apply if your activity:

It is preferred if your activity involves collaboration with other organisations.

Available funding

Funding of $300,000 (excluding GST) will contribute up to 50% of the total eligible activity costs, up to a maximum of $25,000 (excluding GST) per activity.

Total activity costs may include in-kind contributions.

Application form

Use the application form ( https://publications.qld.gov.au/dataset/startup-qld-fund/resource/ce98b973-d819-442a-a879-0736b4a38381 ) to apply for funding.

After the application is completed and signed, please scan a copy and email to startupqldprogram@dsitia.qld.gov.au ( mailto:startupqldprogram@dsitia.qld.gov.au ).