Analyze customer communications to predict future consumer behavior with Pollstr

Pollstr has developed a platform that analyzes what to customers are saying to help predict future behavior. Pollstr’s flagship service is a data analytics application that streamlines your customer service pipeline by analyzing all your digital text communications with each customer. To do this, Pollstr centralizes the flow of your consumers’ textual conversations, and then provides you with analytical feedback, automated responses, and future consumer behavior predictions to improve your targeted communications strategies and better manage future marketing campaigns. Pollstr also deploys a specially designed bot that manages and solves your customers' questions or problems automatically – significantly reducing the time and money you spend in repetitive customer service tasks, so your team can focus on the things that matter most.

Unlike other data monitoring platforms, Pollstr doesn’t just take a sample of communications when looking for keywords, it semantically analyzes every textual interaction and continuously assesses changes in customer communications. It also provides you with the capabilities of four separate solutions – digital media analysis, social network analysis, customer service analysis, and process automation.

A relative newcomer to Azure, Pollstr initially began to develop their app using a competing cloud platform. However, the Pollstr team soon began to realize that although their tech capabilities were satisfactory, Azure provided a more flexible, scalable, and ultimately more efficient solution. Additionally, Pollstr determined that working with Microsoft would give them a true business partner that could help them expand their reach and increase their brand recognition.

According to Pollstr CTO Julio Amador, working on Azure provided the Pollstr team with a service that acted as a hybrid between a technology accelerator and a business accelerator. While the use of the Azure stack provided industry leading technological infrastructure, working with Microsoft helped Pollstr increase their industry presence and expand their customer network.

“Building on the Azure stack has been immensely satisfying. Through our work with Microsoft, Pollstr found a sponsorship that offers not only world-class technology infrastructure, but also possible connections with new customers that otherwise would have not been possible. With Azure, we now have infrastructure that can provide service to millions of text lines per minute – far better than we imagined. Thanks to Microsoft, we are now on the path to become the biggest provider of open text analysis in Latin America.”

To learn more about Pollstr, read the recently published customer story by Microsoft here and watch the accompanying video. (English downloadable case study available here.)



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