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Tripnester is a big data startup providing a SaaS platform designed to help businesses in the hospitality industry expand their online presence, increase their brand appeal, and broaden their customer base. Based in France, Tripnester’s innovative application utilizes the latest technologies, including advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, to facilitate state-of-the-art visual updates to Internet booking websites and social media channels that will improve the online positioning of individual hotels. The service helps to promote hotels by aggregating and distributing rich content, from interesting images to informative videos, that will revolutionize the way customers view and select your hotel. Tripnester also provides you with a visual KPI (key performance indicator) solution for hotel management staff that facilitates an on-demand look at your recent customer performance and provides upcoming booking projections.

“Advanced technology has helped many enterprises increase their web traffic and improve their online appearance,” says Tripnester CTO Yingbo Li, “We realized that, by and large, the hospitality industry wasn’t fully capitalizing on new technology that would improve the aesthetics of their internet presence. So, we designed a suite of intelligent and automated tools that help hotel and resort chains, as well as independent hotels, funnel more web traffic and increase their revenue without having to focus solely on lowering their rates.”

Li’s developer team has years of industry experience and knew they needed a reliable, scalable platform if they were to build their ideal application. Upon reviewing the full capabilities of several cloud platforms, Tripnester decided that Azure would best facilitate their vision. The application is hosted in the Azure cloud and uses Machine Learning to improve data processing and computation; and to automate the delivery of statistical data for the user KPI. The Tripnester team has been very happy with the functionality of Azure features, and Li hints that the primary reason for leveraging with Azure was its ability to seamlessly incorporate the numerous open source stacks their solution required. “We use a lot of OSS related to image processing, data processing, and visual analytics,” Li says, “Azure has given us the ability to incorporate every package we need, without negatively impacting performance. We are looking forward to testing additional Azure features to enhance our solution.”

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