inSitu Mobile streamlines and connects the home office with field sales reps


Do you ever wish you could take your company’s sales office into the field, on-site, directly to customers? Well with inSitu Mobile’s new geolocation sales-management application, inSitu Sales, now you can. inSitu Sales is an application that connects you, the seller, to your business -- or you, the executive, to your sales team -- by synchronizing your company’s internal information system and sending invoices, sales orders, estimates, analytics, and payment records directly from the field to the office. In addition to reducing errors caused by redundant data-reentry, inSitu Sales seamlessly integrates with your preferred accounting software, including QuickBooks®, to provide a complete, end-to-end field accounting solution.

“We want to give our users the opportunity to prioritize face time with their customers over paperwork back at the office - helping save time and generate the sales that are essential to their growth,” says inSitu Founder Pablo Gil.

So, how does it work?

According to Gil, inSitu Sales utilizes Azure to ensure the integrity of their solution. The company runs Azure Web Apps to connect to the solution’s data layer that runs Azure Virtual Machine and SQL Server 2014, while an integration jobs server running on Virtual Machine handles data flow between their database and third-party apps and services (i.e. QuickBooks®) – ensuring streamlined accounting and a seamless connection between sales reps and the office.

inSitu hasn’t always incorporated the Azure platform into their product solutions. The company made the decision to migrate from AWS because of Azure’s ability to incorporate their open stack solution and handle heavy traffic loads, says Gil. “We use OSS packages Ubuntu running with Tomcat to deploy our Java backend for the integration jobs sever. We recently incorporated this with our backend Azure solution and the results have been flawless. Azure has definitely played a significant role in helping us maintain excellent response times and achieve zero downtime.”

Streamline accounting and increase productivity with inSitu Sales


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