PaperVault uses Azure to deliver a fully digital accounting service, improving performance and cutting costs

Effective and efficient accounting is critical to the success of any company and Portuguese startup PaperVault’s new mobile application is here to help streamline the process.


PaperVault is a digital and smart receipt mobile platform that allows companies to centralize, organize, and digitalize all receipts. In addition to facilitating an easier accounting experience, PaperVault helps to cut costs by eliminating paper from the accounting process. According to CEO Orlando Ribas Fernandes, “We wanted to create a product that helped make every aspect of accounting easier, from management costs and data analysis to product returns and warranties management, all while eliminating the need for paper and helping the environment.”

PaperVault also provides users with a solution for improving customer loyalty, direct marketing, and customer behavior analysis - making it possible for companies to analyze consumer trends, buyer profiles, market segmentation, and customer satisfaction and engagement.

PaperVault employs Azure Machine Learning as well as Visual Studio and SQL Server, to improve the quality and usability of their product. PaperVault uses Azure to manage files and metadata in order to store, organize, and track all digital receipts. Machine Learning is used to provide real-time datamining reports and Visual Studio for analytics. PaperVault also leverages SQL Server for high-performance, in-memory technology across data warehousing and business intelligence.

The PaperVault team

A Microsoft BizSpark member, PaperVault was recently awarded B2B startup of the year at the 2015 UpAwards – the biggest startup awards ceremony in Portugal. The company is delighted with their success says Fernandes, “We consider ourselves lucky to be such a BizSpark success story. They have provided us with excellent technology and great advice as we have grown our business.”

Streamline the accounting process, cut business costs, and help the environment with BizSpark member PaperVault’s mobile accounting application.


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