SciCord harnesses Azure to streamline scientific testing



SciCord helps laboratories streamline their testing and compliance with a digital document service built on Azure. Founded in 2014, SciCord combines the compliance and structured aspects of a Laboratory Information Management System with the flexibility of an Electronic Laboratory Notebook. SciCord’s is aimed specifically at scientific organizations that produce intellectual property or compliance documentation. SciCord’s cloud-based solution simplifies the implementation process and reduces the total cost of ownership - enabling the user to record, extract, and report laboratory data with one solution.

“The FDA and our customers demand that we provide a secure and reliable environment for their data,” says CEO and Founder David Strauss, “Working with Microsoft has helped us to provide a system that is compliant with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation with respect to electronic records and signatures and is validated to be used in GxP regulatory environments.”

A BizSpark member, SciCord’s solution is an n-tier platform, built using the Microsoft .NET framework and running inside Microsoft Azure. This system architecture was chosen because it could be customized for tailored solutions using a set of common functionalities and data objects. Due to their experience with the .NET framework, SciCord believed leveraging the Azure Cloud infrastructure was the natural next step in their development. “The cost, reliability, and compatibility were superior to other Cloud infrastructure options. The Azure Cloud has made our frequent deployments incredibly inexpensive and, more importantly, quick,” Strauss concludes.

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