Final ISVs chosen for Mobile Incubation Week EMEA, June 1-5th, 2009

On the heels of a very successful event in the U.S., Microsoft is hosting the second Mobile Incubation Week in London. After sifting through many applications, we think we have a really interesting group of mobile ISVs from across EMEA and are very excited to be working with them throughout the week to help incubate their applications on our Mobile 6.5 platform.

The format will be the same as Mobile Incubation Week in Mountain View. The event will feature technical and business gurus from Microsoft, technology veterans who have built their own Windows Mobile applications, and influential venture capitalists and industry experts. We will lead interactive discussions, provide helpful advice, and facilitate actual application development on the Windows Mobile platform. As in the Mountain View event, at the end of the week, we will select a winner who will be eligible for prizes and special PR opportunities.

Please follow the UK Team Blog throughout the week, and I will keep you up to speed about what has been happening as we work to incubate the ISV applications.

Drum Roll please.....and the Finalists are:

Goodway Technologies, Sweden

Founded in 2007, Goodway are based in Eslov, Sweden. Goodway has developed a mobile j2me/j2ee user created content software and service application with a social location context. It is in beta
and has not been publicly released yet. In the next generation of this software Goodway are building a photo transforming application layer on top to let the users stitch photos together into panoramic views of buildings, creating a street view to connect to online map services as Virtual Earth.

Rummble, UK

Founded in 2006, Rummble are based in London, UK. Rummble make it easy to find stuff nearby which you love using this is done using trusted location-based recommendations sent instantly to your mobile. You should be able to walk out of a building and within 60 seconds discover what places or points of interest are nearby that YOU will like. Rummble is not a niche application, it is designed for the man in the street. More people than ever are eager to utilise their phones beyond SMS and phone calls. Windows Mobile 6.5 is another major step toward releasing the potential of a users mobile device.

Total Hotspots, UK

Total Hotspots give you a access to a huge database of wireless hotspots. Wherever you go Total Hotspots gives you precise details, locations and pricing for over 170,000 hotspots in 100+ countries around the world and more are being created all the time. In addition to this you can find the Wi-Fi that suits you. Total Hotspots integrates Rummble's 'trust profile' algorithm to give you personalised rating for locations, based on other places you like, your social network, and the wider community. You can quickly add, rate, review, tag and photograph your own hotspots and share them with others.

Wubud, UK

Wubud is an application driven social network for mobile people allowing you to take your social network in your back pocket everywhere you go, enabling you to locate friends and venues on a map and share your world. Providing users with the ability to locate friends when they're close by and arrange to meet them, explore the cool hangouts, the hip and happening parties, and find out who's going to be there, find a venue recommended by a friend, share your photos, location, reviews and social networks with friends.

Deimos-Space, Spain

The Deimos-Space application is really innovative and allows end users (non-developers) to create small applications on its own mobile device using a very easy visual graphic interface. Nowadays, User Generated Content is driving the internet. Furthermore, Web 2.0 APIĀ“s and mash-ups are exploding the creation of new application on the web, BUT for the first time, "End Users" can create small applications with all the technologies available in its own handsets.

Baimos, Germany

Our Application "BlueID" is the digital bunch of keys for your mobile phone. You can receive digital keys like a electronic ticket on your mobile and use the mobile like a remote control to open, close or operate doors, barriers, cars or computer. In addition to facility management and automotive versions of the application "BlueID" we will launch a new authentication product "BlueID Login" in July 2009.

Reperion, Netherlands

Our mission is to provide you with the most useful, enjoyable and inspiring GPS application for your mobile digital companion! Have fun with GPS while exploring! Reperion enables you to show your tracks in real-time, in Virtual Earth 3D or Google Earth, you can upload video and pictures straight to your live track, send and receive i-SMS, find nearby friends, get alerts for millions of types of actual nearby events...broadcast a message to people around you.... Your Everything!

SOMA Barcelona, Spain

Based on Bluetooth technology, it is designed to identify people in a 10 meters distance and infer connections between them through their profile information. Since we just use Bluetooth to identify devices and not to connect to them, our software is not intrusive in any way or presents any security concern. Our solution consists of a central server, which contains information about users and different matchmaking methods. Mobile devices can connect to the server via 3G or GPRS to get information about any possible matching and users' contact info.

Comufy, UK

Comufy is the next generation communication platform: it allows YOU to decide who can contact you, when and how - no more annoying calls or messages, whilst still receiving the important

ones. No need to give up your current means of communication, as Comufy manages them all. You can "comufy" anywhere through intuitive web and mobile interfaces, providing a unique and pleasant user experience.