Helpful Startup Tips and a Special Offer for Startups from Soluto

Soluto has been one of the most successful BizSpark startups, proving that hosting a powerful solution on Azure can handle the demands of a highly scalable enterprise. They want to help other BizSpark members by offering a special promotion and some of their personal experience running a startup in Israel.

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Soluto for Business, PC Management - made easy from Soluto on Vimeo.


While we are at it, how about some expert knowledge from a real startup founder?  

We asked Soluto Founder Tomer Dvir  to answer a few questions about what his team went through to get to scale.  

BizSpark: What was your biggest stumbling block in developing the product? How did you clear it?  

We launched our first product at TechCrunch Disrupt and won the show, which led to a very surprising spike in registrations and installations that were more than our servers could handle. We migrated our entire operations to Azure web-roles and worker-roles, and are now running on hundreds of them. It took us months to develop the muscle to really deal with web scale, and that probably our greatest challenge to date.


BizSpark: What question did you ask your customers that really proved you had found a solution for them? What did they customers usually say?

We use lots of metrics to measure customers’ engagement and satisfaction, but the simplest one is by far NPS. This is a metric based on a single question: “how likely are you to recommend Soluto to a frield”, with a scale of 1-to-10. We use Qualaroo to embed this survey into our product. I encourage every startup that builds a scalable service to use NPS and Qualaroo.


BizSpark: How many team members do you need on a startup team, once you really understand you are gaining traction? What roles are the first hires when that happens?  

That’s a big question with no single answer, I think. We believe that throughout the live of a company there needs to be a balance between R&D and marketing/sales. You can’t reach initial traction without marketing, and on the other hand once you reach traction you often need to increase your investment in R&D to keep it growing. Regarding the number of team members, in marketing that depends on the channels of distributions (online vs. partnerships vs. direct sales vs PR etc) and in R&D it depends on the nature of the technology developed. 


What is the exact offer?

•Soluto Pro: the perfect plan for a small business. Manage up to 10 PCs, unlimited remote access, real-time alerts and full reporting. $8.33 per month on a yearly plan or $9.99 per month on a monthly plan. Additional 33% discount for BizSpark companies only - $6.66 per month on a yearly plan.

•Soluto Business Pro: the plan for IT pros. Manage up to 50 PCs, includes 12 months of data history, bulk actions, grouping, branding and 4 hour support responsiveness 24/7. $49.79 per month on a yearly plan or $59.99 per month on a monthly plan. Additional 33% discount for BizSpark companies only- $39.99 per month on a yearly plan.

•Soluto Enterprise: for larger operations. Includes customized reporting and phone support. Contact Soluto for a quote. Users who joined from BizSpark will get a 33% discount on a yearly plan.