Microsoft Announces BizSpark Plus Program

Today the BizSpark team is pleased to announce BizSpark Plus, an extension of the Microsoft BizSpark Program. BizSpark Plus will provide exceptional Microsoft offers to high-potential startups through a global network of BizSpark Plus Partners selected from leading incubators and accelerators.

BizSpark Plus Partners are chosen from local markets based on their track record of attracting and working with world-class startups. Here are just of few partners who have already joined as BizSpark Plus Partners:

  • TechStars (Global)
  • Startup Weekend (Global)
  • SeedCamp (Global)
  • Founder Institute (Global)
  • Fumec (Global)
  • Springboard (UK)
  • TechCity (UK)
  • Eura Technologies (France)
  • DojoBoost (France)
  • Cietec (Brazil)

There will be several offers from Microsoft through this program, the first being  Windows Azure for BizSpark Plus, that allows our partners to provide up to $60,000 of Windows Azure compute and storage per startup over two years.

Our goal is to help startups grow their business and by offsetting startups’ cloud computing costs, this enables startups to spend time and money elsewhere – focusing on solving their business challenges, learning from their users, hiring more developers, investing in marketing and promoting their business or getting new customers.

Over time, we will be extending additional offers through our BizSpark Plus Partners. For more information about the program, visit