Vote for the Microsoft BizSpark Euro Summit People's Choice Winner -- Poll Open Until July 4

Every year, we take the ten to twelve hottest startups in the BizSpark program from Europe and vote on what the market thinks is the absolute hottest startup. We've created a list of the twelve finalists for this year's Microsoft BizSpark Euro Summit, which will be held in Berlin July 4. You can now vote on your choice.

Please read through these companies. Click on the Vote Now link under the one you like. The scores will be tallied after voting closes on July 4. 



BookLikes is a global blogging platform designed for book lovers that lets its users create a personal webpage with a blog, virtual bookshelf and reading timeline. It’s a mix of a Tumblr-like blog platform, book cataloguing site and social network. BookLikes is a service designed particularly for people interested in books with functions dedicated to book readers.

Book lovers can share book reviews and other book-related content, follow interesting blogs, read reviews and texts by other popular users or simply collect and organize books on virtual bookshelf. BookLikes is available in three language versions and gives insight into 12 book databases from 30 international booksellers.

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BugSense Inc

Country: Greece

BugSense is on a mission to set the quality standard for mobile apps. Analyzing 5 billion metrics each month across various platforms, BugSense provides more than 20,000 developers globally - including Fortune 500 companies - with app performance reports that help developers identify issues and create better mobile app experiences.

BugSense solution has the largest distribution in the industry (3rd most used SDK after Google Analytics and Flurry).




Country: Finland                       

Based on research in sports science and space medicine, Omegawave provides leading methods for monitoring an athlete’s functional condition. Omegawave delivers instantly relevant advice on the optimum amount of intensity and volumes of training. By identifying an athlete’s physiologically limiting factors and providing guidelines to eliminate them, Omegawave helps to improve performance, prevent overtraining, decrease injuries and improve fitness and overall health.

Omegawave technology has been used by multiple Olympic Federations, premier soccer teams such as FC Barcelona, teams from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, and various other leading sports organizations. The company’s global headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.





Tracking of TV ads is mostly guessing. Existing tracking tools are barely able to deliver accurate performance measurement promptly.

RapidApe is the first BI tool combining TV tracking and monitoring in one solution, giving clients full insights in the performance of their TV campaigns.

RapidApe generates data for the performance of a TV ad regarding the campaign's goals and connects TV tracking with data that makes sense.



Schutzklick (Simple Insurance)


simplesurance GmbH, operating under the name Schutzklick, is a provider of sales channels in eCommerce Shops for insurance products. The company offers various technical integration types to automate the closing and administration of insurance products. The insurance product portfolio covers all eCommerce relevant insurance product types.





SCREEMO enables creation of real life interactive experiences between smartphones and digital screens.

SCREEMO is the world’s first cloud based SaaS platform allowing the fast, simple, and low cost creation and measurement of interactive experiences and abilities never available before to the mass market.

SCREEMO's patent pending solutions are up and running almost immediately at any location which is pre-deployed with digital screens, with no integration needed.




Country: UK

ScreenHits is a B2B and B2C online marketplace for the buying and selling of television and film content. It replaces the existing model of TV channels sending their teams to trade shows around the world to acquire content for their network. This new model aggregates content from the leading producers and distributors worldwide and filters it based on the needs of its buyers. ScreenHits provides instant viewing access of all the shows, which allows buyers to make quicker and more cost effective purchasing choices in a reasonable timeframe. In addition, with its highly intelligent search engine, buyers can search for content based on price, available territories, genre, rights, etc. It also provides helpful insight by engaging the viewing public to vote on the shows they want to see on TV.



FidMe / Snapp 

Country: France

With 8 years of existence in mobile app development, FidMe - Snapp’, is Europe's leading mobile wallet application, allowing users to gather free loyalty cards of retailers and other businesses in one single place




Country: Italy

Spreaker is a platform for creating and sharing audio, both live and pre-recorded. It allows people to capture live audio streams (interviews, music, comedy shows), edit them in real time by adding music and sound effects and share them everywhere.




Country: UK

Stonewash create magazine frameworks for smartphones and tablets. This enables magazine and catalogue publishers to turn offline content into visually compelling online content quickly on multiple platforms, enabling new revenue sources without disrupting their existing workflow. They also collate vast amounts of data on reading habits through reader profiles and subscriptions, which they provide to the publisher. Stonewash is the first app to provide detailed in-app analytics, and was the first app approved by Microsoft for Windows 8.




Country: Denmark

Wantr is a shopping tool that lets you collect all your favourite online stores in a single place, and updates you on their latest arrivals and sales. With an increasing need for a better overview in the online shopping space, Wantr provides a solution for people who want to stay updated on the latest styles and products in a fun and interesting way - without the hassle of checking multiple websites.



W.S.C Sports

Country: Israel

W.S.C Sports Technologies helps broadcasters and media rights owners to exploit and monetize their digital sports rights with an automatic video generation platform that creates customized and personalized videos according to fans' preferences and editorial content. Using the platform, broadcasters and media rights owners generate new revenue streams from their video assets with increased inventory, number of video views and fan engagement.