BizTalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide TOC submitted for comment

I have seen instances where others have used blogs to evolve published works into more useful and powerful assets. I like this idea because it gets the content to the users, via the blog, before the publication date. I also like the concept of getting as much feedback as possible. This blog will attempt to serve this purpose for my upcoming "BizTalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide". I'm hoping that readers in the community will be generous with their comments and constructive criticism regarding the structure and content of this document.

To begin this experiment…

Please find below, a top-level outline for content which I intend to publish through an as yet to be determined mechanism. Effectively the content will all be available via this blog for those who like blogs, but it will eventually end up as a downloadable document of some sort, probably on MSDN. I'd like to ask the community to comment on the taxonomy of this material as it currently exists so that I can tailor the structure and content as much as possible, ultimately increasing the value to the community.

If you feel strongly that something is missing, organized strangely, off-topic or otherwise less than it could be I very much appreciate your comments.

You will a list in the bar on the left with links to the sections of the document as they are posted. This strategy will hopefully allow for more collaboration then the typical temporal organization of a blog would provide. Each section will have a separate page and if sections get long, sub-sections will have pages

If anyone has a better ideas, they are very welcome, please comment.

The top-level outline for this content is currently as follows: I will modify and add top-line sections based upon feedback from the community. In my next post I will elaborate on the next level of this outline. You can click the links to go to each section or you can also get to them via the Tags list on the left column of this blog.

NOTE: BPLDG is an abbreviation for BizTalk Performance Lab Delivery Guide.


A Lab Process

Performance Factors

Performance Metrics

Perf Bottlenecks

Useful Tools

Example Engagement Docs