HIPAA v5010 Support

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and the upcoming Release BizTalk Server 2009 both have inbuilt support for HIPAA version 4010A1 and there has been a great demand for the v5010 support that is being mandated by HHS/CCS. The product team is working on releasing a HotFix on BTS2009(post RTM) which enables HIPAA 5010 support. The rough timeline is towards 1H09(May/June) (See Update below for timelines). 

With this update, BizTalk Server 2009 would enable our partners to meet their HealthCare needs and stay upto speed with the HHS/CCS mandates and the market demand for 5010.

The Hotfix would include the new 'replacement' schemas for v5010 and EDI engine updates. The Hotfix when applied would work along with the current 4010A1 HIPAA schemas(i.e, both versions are going to be supported concurrently).

Caveat – this blog post is to be treated as a general guidance and there is a remote possibility that plans could change. Be on the lookout for the official announce on this topic on the Microsoft/BizTalk site.

Provide your feedback or questions and we will address the same. Our team is committed to addressing all key customer needs in the B2B area as per the customers business needs.



UPDATE: Good news! 5010 feature is complete in implementation. Folks who are seriously considering 5010 can join the TAP program and build solutions using the same.The timelines for release of the 5010 support is slightly extended to enable TAP validation of the 5010 support. The final release date will be announced soon as we finish the TAP program.

July 3rd Update: A number of interested customers could not join the TAP program for logistic reasons and hence a Public Beta is planned in the first half of July. An announcement from MS Connect should be coming out soon.