Sample: Deploying Business Rules Programmatically

The Rule Engine Deployment Wizard, which ships with BizTalk Server 2006, provides a graphical user interface to perform the following operations:

· Import a policy from a Business Rule Language (BRL) file into the Rule Engine database, and publish the policy

· Export a policy from the Rule Engine database to a BRL file

· Deploy a published policy

· Undeploy a deployed policy

One of the disadvantages of this wizard is that you can perform only one operation at a time. For example, if you need to export two policies, you need to launch the wizard twice. This wizard is also not scriptable and hence cannot be used to easily automate the operations that it supports. For example, you cannot automate the wizard easily from a setup program to automatically import and deploy one or more policies. The DeployRules sample fills this gap, allowing administrators to import, export, deploy, undeploy, and remove policies in a scriptable manner.

Download the attachment, and review the ReadME.doc first.