Windows Azure - DSInit fails - solution

Hi all,

I hit an interesting undocumented hidden feature when using DSInit to set up the storage emulator database for my VS2010 projects.The documentation assumes that you have installed SQLExpress and indeed if you have the setup of the emulator will work fine. What however if you have your own SQL Server instance running? What if that instance is a named instance and not a default instance?  As I found the creation will fail.

The command line that should work is: > DSInit /sqlinstance:myinstance /user:domain\user /forcecreate

when: myinstance is in the format of <server>\<instance> the creation will fail.

the solution is to use only the <instance> name thus instead of > DSInit /sqlinstance:<server>\<instance>      USE     > DSInit /sqlinstance:<instance>

Don't forget to run the command prompt as administrator and you can use /user:domain\user /forcecreate as required.



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