Microsoft BizTalk Server Webinar Series - Developing logic apps in code view - Advanced concepts

PART 1: 29th NOV 2017 , 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM IST
Here is the meeting invite ics file.




Workflow Definition Language schema for Azure Logic Apps

                Basic Workflow Definition structure

                                Structure of a workflow definition.


                Structure of parameter definition.


                specify information that can be returned from a workflow run.


                common expressions that can be used inside of flows.


                Operators are the characters that you can use inside expressions or functions.


                Call Functions within expressions – Types of functions:

                                String functions

                                Logical functions

                                Conversion functions

                                Manipulation Functions

                                Math Functions

                                Date functions

                                Workflow functions

                                Referencing functions

                                Collection functions

Conditional execution - evaluate a condition and execute a branch based on whether the expression evaluates to true

Looping – Foreach , Until action.