Government, war against the citizen

To enforce the public announcement of the beef negotiations, the government is imposing war against the citizen.

Rather than describing all the savagery, one situation speaks for everything: After arresting the opposition party’s congresswoman from the protest, which never had happened since the military dictatorship, the police are playing innocent by letting her go from the station leaving all the other arrested protesters(it is said that most haven’t even heard their Miranda rights). Government is even ignoring the congresswoman's privileges, and need I say more about all the other mortals (news indicates that over a hundred people have been taken)?

The government representatives are saying “we are thankful that the negotiation has ended as our people had hoped.” in front of the media, while the people are fighting with their lives to stop the announcement to happen.

They are bullying the people for their failure of diplomacy. For their legitimacy, they are describing the people who are against them as criminals and leftys (it’s a crime to have a different ideology). Nothing more to say. The government is totally out of their minds.

Another sad and humiliating moment of our Korean history.