Korean Major Papers in a crisis

The three major media Chosun, JoongAng, DongA is currently in a crisis which they courted on their own.

During the President’s fallacies, the three media company’s actions of distortion covering up the truth has been disclosed to the major people which created movements to cancel their subscriptions to the papers. Along the movement, people are calling the advertisers that they are not willing to use the products if they publish their ads in the three major media. The movement is known to be a consumer campaign.

The three companies having a loss by the movement, are threatening random groups that are participating in the movement. Chosun has threatened 82cook.com that they will file a lawsuit unless they delete all the articles related to Chosun. 82cook.com is a community site for housewives about cooking/childcare.

They also filed official documents to the second biggest internet portal Daum to force closure of certain group communities. They even requested the deletion of certain members that wrote articles around the movement. Certain advertisers are also filing complaints to the people writing articles containing their names and phone numbers(which is obviously public).

The public prosecutors and the police have also made a public statement that they will be conducting investigations and will be strict on the results. During this year and so, there were a few cases where certain entities used advertisement for pressing but there was no single case when the public agencies publicly leading their stance. People aren’t understanding why they are favoring these three media companies.

Again the people are raging against such accusations and a lot of unprecedent actions are happening. Hundreds of people volunteering to be arrested by writing on the prosecutors office’s homepage because they “told their family, friends, collegues to cancel their subscription to the three papers” or “called certain advertisers that they will stop using the products if they don’t stop the advertisements on the three papers”. Also hundreds of people are signing up to join the community sites after facing the news.

This is said to be another grassroot movement by the citizen other than the candle protest to protect their rights around the wrong doings of the whole country’s system.