4th Web Client Guidance Drop Available on Codeplex and Proposed UX Design

We were in the holiday spirit last week so we created a drop of the Web Client Guidance  - so go check it out. The goal of the drop was to reduce the technical debt we had for the project. We need you to help us figure out what other technical debt we need to address.

We made the following changes:

Reference Implementation

  • Polished solution folder structure and files. Several files and folder has been moved and renamed, to provide a better structure for the solution.
  • Refactored SongsController into separate controllers. Search features are now handled by the search controller and the rating business logic was is handled by a the new RatingService service. I published a blog last week asking for feedback on this topic.
  • Included MusicStoreBootstrapper, which extends ApplicationBootstrapper base class for application initialization. All routes, services and initialiazers are registered and loaded in the bootstrapper instead of the Global.asax file.
  • Updated validation to MVC2 RC. The DefererClientSideValidation method is no longer needed and custom validations can specify when they run (Not always that a change occur to the field).
  • Created the top songs module that includes the view for the top ten songs and friends’ top songs. The shell application consumes these views using the RenderAction method.
  • Updated unit tests to use a consistent naming convention.
  • Included the country field in the Profile page and updated controller to use ProfileViewModel.


  • Updated validation to MVC2 RC in the Validation Quickstart. Updated Custom validations


  • Updated Validation QuickStart document. Updated MVC validation section to MVC 2 RC version.
  • Added patterns documents: Inversion of Control, Service Locator, Dependency Injection, Separated Presentation, Model View Controller, and Model View Presenter.
  • Updated Top Ten Tasks for improving responsiveness in WebForms.

Coming Soon: New Skin for Reference Implementation

We are working on creating a new skin for the Reference Implementation. I heard feedback that some of you would prefer a professional design compared to my design skills :). Below is a peak of the proposed design so let me know your thoughts. This will change as we implement the design.

Home Page Song Detail Page

image  image

Search Results Page