Bundle documentation available on CodePlex

Many of us in patterns & practices have been wanting to put more of our documentation on-line so that when you are evaluating our deliverables you can read the documentation without having to download and install the deliverable on your machine.

Well I am happy to tell you we have started putting our bundle documentation on CodePlex. Let us know if this helpful because it does take time away from other things. If it is not helpful why not / what would you have us do differently.

A couple of other announcements include the shipping of our Search Bundle and am Update to existing bundles to include Signed Binaries.

Search Bundle

We shipped the Search bundle last week. The Search Bundle includes guidance on Real-Time Search and Progress Indication. You can view the Search Documentation and then decide if you want to download the Search Bundle. The documentation lists the patterns implemented by this bundle which include:

  • Live Search. The RealtTimeSearchExtender control enables a Web page to show search results as the user refines the search query.
  • XMLHTTPRequest Call. ASP.NET AJAX performs an XMLHTTPRequest call to force an asynchronous postback.
  • Progress Indicator. A progress indicator can be used to provide feedback to the user while the server returns the search results.
  • Submission Throttling. The RealTimeSearchMonitor control retains the search query in a browser-based buffer and automatically uploads it at fixed intervals.
  • User Action. As the user enters keywords in an input control, the RealTimeSearchMonitor responds to the events by triggering the partial postback.



Signed Bundle Binaries

I want to thank one of our Web Client CodePlex community member for asking why the Web Client Bundle binaries are not strong named. The binaries that come from patterns & practices are supposed to be strong named so we goofed.

We looked into the issue and found a problem with the way we setup our build server. We put processes in place to ensure that this does not happen again. We will be re-releasing the bundles over the next couple of weeks to include the signed binaries.