Developer Hands-on Labs available for WCSF June 2007 Release

We just released the Developer Hands-on Labs for the Web Client Software Factory June 2007 Release. The labs are available for both C# and Visual Basic. So try them out and give us your feedback.

After completing the labs, you will understand how to use the software factory automation tools and application blocks to create and update solutions and how to manually modify the code to perform typical development tasks. Specifically, you will learn how to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new Web client solution.
  • Create a business module.
  • Expose a business module to the Web site shell.
  • Create a Composite Web Application Block service.
  • Create a view with a presenter and unit tests.
  • Use unit testing for pages with data bound controls.
  • Define role-based access to a module‚Äôs features.
  • Configure exception handling and logging.
  • Define and execute a page flow.

Each lab contains a document with step-by-step procedures and a Visual Studio solution that demonstrates the results of the lab.

Let me know if the labs meet the objectives outlined above. If not, what topics are missing from the list and what is hard to understand. This feedback is important as we continue to work in the Web Client space. We are considering additional approaches to make the concepts easier to understand and your feedback will help with the planning.