Introduce p&p Client program Product Manager

I want to introduce Glenn Block who is our new Product Manager for the p&p client program. As you can see from his blog posting, he is passionate about the challenges we are addressing in patterns & practices including model driven design. We are very excited to have Glenn contribute to the client program and he will provide a big impact on our overall direction.

As we go forward, you will be hearing a lot more from Glenn with regards to the client program. You will also continue to hear from Mike and myself. So please give Glenn a warm welcome and let us hear your feedback.

We are now gearing up for WCSF R2. We need feedback on the roadmap that is on the homepage of We also need to consider the impacts of Silverlight which was not available when we put the roadmap together. So go to the issue tracker and vote on your favorite issues. If it is not there, add it and then get others to vote. Voting early and often will help us know that we need to address your issue.