New Kona drop on Codeplex

For those of you interested in creating line of business Windows Store apps, you should check out the latest Kona source code on CodePlex.

A number of you posted comments on my blog, requesting that Event Aggregator work with Windows 8 apps. With the latest drop Event Aggregator is now in a Portable Class Library and can be used with Windows 8, WPF, and Silverlight. We provide a Quickstart that demonstrates how to use Event Aggregator.

We also received feedback from Brian Lagunas  and others that our ViewModels and Models needed to be refactored. We believe that we improved the design of our ViewModels and Models. Do you agree?

What’s next

We plan to evaluate what it takes to create a new app using the libraries. In Prism we called this bootstrapping. We hope to simplify the process of creating a new app.

Let us know how we are doing – both good and bad.