Prism for Silverlight 5 Ships

We finally shipped Prism 4.1 Smile for Silverlight 5. You can find the documentation at The documentation is the same between Prism 4.0 and Prism 4.1. The readme identifies the differences between the versions.

Prism 4.1 changes

Changes due to Silverlight 5 features:
  • UpdateTextBindingOnPropertyChanged Blend behavior (Silverlight only) has been marked obsolete as Silverlight 5 now offers UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged.
  • DataTemplateSelector (Silverlight only) has been marked obsolete as Silverlight 5 now offers a implicit data templates.
  • ButtonBaseClickCommand has been marked obsolete.
Codeplex issues addressed:
  • Codeplex Issue 5495 - Added InvokeCommandAction
  • Codeplex Issue 4052 - Changed type constraint from Control to UIElement in WPF CommandBehaviorBase and InvokeCommandActionClasses.
  • Codeplex Issue 8061: Added SyncActiveStateAttribute to sync activate state with scoped regions.
  • Codeplex Issue 7234: SubscriptionToken is now disposable
  • Codeplex Issue 3896: Added ClearChildViewsRegionBehavior and ClearChildViews attached property to optionally clear RegionManager on regions within a view.

In the readme, I said that issue 5042 was fixed and it should be 4052. Sorry about the mistake.

In the next 1 – 2 months we will start planning an update to Prism for .NET 4.5. Let me know what requirements you think we should address.