Reflections on SCSF Iteration 3

The team achieved its objectives for the week with the exception of finishing the WPF interop spikes and finalizing the Appraiser Workbench Reference Implementation. Overall, we are happy with our progress. This week we prioritized WPF spikes high because it is a critical feature for SCSF release.

From this past iteration, we identified two areas that will focus on:

  • Obtaining community feedback on the planned SCSF release and our early code drops. This week we are looking for feedback on:
    • WCF support. Is there anything else you need besides the Offline Block?
    • WPF Interop Requirements. What do you want WPF Interop to do for you. We outlined two spikes on the community site: a) WPF Parts hosted by Windows Forms and b) WPF Workspace hosted by Windows Forms. We know that a many of you are developing WPF-only applications. We are hopeful that the core platform will address this scenario.
    • Review of code generation strategy. We continue to recieve good feedback from the community on what works and what does not with our recipes. Let us know if you have additional code generation requirements that we need to consider for the release.
  • Fixing our build process.
    • Our build process does not currently run our unit tests and automated acceptance tests.
    • Fix the Object Builder versioning issue that caused issues when compiling the Appraiser Workbench RI and the Disconnected Service Agent QuickStart. The cause seems to be a conflict between the version we are using and the version EntLib 3.0 is using.

As an fyi, The WCF and WPF support are the highest rated issues on Codeplex. If there are other items you want us to include, go vote now as we do look at the votes when considering what to work on.