How to create SQL Server 2005 Clustering with Virtual Server 2005 (Part 3)

In Part 1 and Part 2, we configured till setting up Quorum drive on MyNode1.

First we need to change the IP address of heartbeat network which we added to MyNode1 and MyNode2.

Below is the screen shot of heartbeat IP on MyNode1. We need to give IP as (once you hit tab, subnet would come automatically,

This would be displayed as "Local Area Network 2", you can rename it to private or heartbeat for easy identification.

MyNode1 Heartbeat IP

Follow the same thing on MyNode2. Provide heartbeat IP address as

Once IP Setup is done, "Turn Off" MyNode2 and Login to MyNode1. First we are going to install One node cluster and later add MyNode2 in this cluster (we will call this as SQLCluster)

1, Go to Start>Run>Cluadmin

2. Select "Create New Cluster" from the options.

     Create New Cluster

3. Hit OK

4. on "Cluster Name and Domain" screen, provide the domain name as and Cluster Name as "SQLCluster" and Hit "Next"

5. In Next screen, Provide Name as MyNode1 and Also click on Advanced button to select "Advanced (minimum) configuration"

         Select Computer

6. Next screen will analyze the settings, this may take a while to finish, You may get one warning since we selected "minimum configuration", just ignore that and hit next.

Analyzing Cluster

7.  In Next screen, you will be prompted for IP Address. Give it as

Cluster IP Address

8. Next screen is for Cluster Service Account. For easiness of this lab, I am using Administrator account. In real world, you should create a separate account in domain.

Cluster Service Account

9. Hitting Next will show proposed cluster configuration.

Proposed Cluster Config

Make sure that you hit on Quorum and select Q: as shown in above screen shot.

10. Once above step is complete, we have successfully installed, one node cluster. Screen Below...

One Node Cluster

11. Now, remember that MyNode2 was Turned off by this time.At this point, Turn On MyNode2 and let it boot up completely. Don't Login to the node.

12. Come back to MyNode1 and Select File > New > Node

Add MyNode2

13. In below screen, provide MyNode2

Add MyNode2 Wizard 1

14. Keep Moving forward and you will get below screen.

Add MyNode2 Wizard 2

15. Keep going....

Add MyNode2 Wizard 3

16. Finally.... you are done with Windows clustering

Two Nodes Windows Cluster

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